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  1. Amy R. says:

    My son had fallen at the playground and hit his face on a metal pole. He had two broken teeth and a lot of blood! When we brought him into to see Dr. Herer and his staff, they calmed him right down, took x-rays, photos, cleaned him up and fixed his teeth so well that, other than the swelling and bruises, I couldn’t tell that anything had happened to his teeth! Amazing! I was worried that my son was never going to like going to the dentist again, but he was all smiles!
    Both my kids have seen Dr. Herer since they were babies! (Before he opened the practice in Lake Zurich.) We wouldn’t go anywhere else! Wherever Dr. Herer is… we’re there! Thanks for everything!

  2. O.M. says:

    I really appreciate the assistants help and the thorough explanation of services. It will be nice next time to see if my daughter will go w/ the assistant. Thank you. My experience with a NONpediatric dentist was not a good experience – I’m glad I changed.

  3. D.M. says:

    Dr. Herer,
    We would like to let you know that (our daughter) is doing well after the procedures yesterday. She had a great experience at your facility; everyone was kind and helpful. We are very grateful. This morning she woke up finding a silver dollar under her pillow, replacing her tooth. It was so funny because she preferred to have her tooth for a keepsake instead of the money! Thank you so much for your service and also to your staff. We’re looking forward for the next appointment.

  4. Kathy says:

    JUST WONDERFUL! Thank you and we can’t wait to see you all again!
    I will definitely recommend you to everyone.

  5. Duke says:

    Wonderful staff! Thank you so much!
    Everyone was so nice and courteous. I was impressed by the cleanliness of both the waiting room and examining rooms.

  6. Unknown says:

    My daughter has autism and our first visit with your office was the first time, ever that she was calm, confortable and actually enjoyed her appt. Also the receptionist was so courteous and kind! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Virginia M. says:

    This is the 3rd pediatric dentist we’ve been to since moving here 3 years ago. Dr. Herer and his staff are the BEST by far! We are here to stay – and what a relief!

  8. E.K. says:

    We had an excellent experience. My daughter was very fearful, but your staff and Dr. Herer were all very patient with her. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I know how challenging working with children can be and you exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a great first visit for my children. I really appreciate all of you and will be recommending your practice to my friends as well as patients in our practice. Thank you.

  9. Amy E. says:

    No fears going to the dentist! Even my 3 year old feels comfortable enough to go alone!

  10. Shanon A. says:

    I am completely satisfied with the service of Children’s Dentistry. My child was comfortable in your care and everyone involved calmed our apprehensions. I’ve already shared your information with some of my local friends. Thank you!

  11. Cher F. says:

    We had to change our dentist as a result of an insurance change. We were very pleased with your team and happy with the decision.
    Helpful, informative and a great schedule! (Saturday appointments!)

  12. Cari A. says:

    My daughter is a sensory & ADHD child and her experience was a pleasure!

  13. Brandi says:

    So far I love this dental office! The best we have ever been to! Everyone was friendly and my daughter wasn’t nervous at all.

  14. Jackie L. says:

    Our first visit was perfect. We felt very welcome. My child loved his first visit and is excited to come back. Dealing with the children is sometimes difficult but your staff was amazing.

  15. Amy and Bill F. says:

    Love your practice so much; we followed Dr. Younger even though it’s an hour ride now. Thank you!

  16. Katrina A. says:

    I was a little nervous bringing my 22 month old in as he doesn’t sit very well. The patience and calm demeanor of all the staff made his first dental experience a stress free one. Thank you for taking care of my children!

  17. Amy N. says:

    My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist. The whole staff at Children’s Dentistry Group are polite, knowledgable and VERY friendly. We love them!!!

  18. Jen G. says:

    So very happy to have found your office and have the pleasure of bringing my children! We have told all of our friends and will continue to tell more about your office!

  19. Catherine says:

    My girls love going to see Doc. They can’t wait for their next check-up! The staff is always so friendly and makes going to the dentist a great experience!

  20. Leilani L. says:

    Dr. Patenio is wonderful with my daughter; always making her feel at ease even though she always comes in a nervous wreck! And the one time we saw Dr. Herer, he had to pull 2 baby teeth and my daughter actually came out crying AND a SMILE ON HER FACE!! You are AWESOME!

  21. Momma Bear :o) says:

    I was very happy with the treatment my children received! Drs. Herer and Younger and their staff were so efficient, considerate and friendly! My children had a great experience. (My 17 month old was a little uncooperative, but that is to be expected.) Dr. Herer was still able to examine his teeth & clean them and my son was fine afterwards. He even smiled for a picture! A great place to take the kids!

  22. Sandy Gebert says:

    Fantastic group of people here. The level of understanding and help provided was amazing. Will/have recommended to all of my friends!!!!

  23. Cyndi B. says:

    Our family moved to Lake Barrington in 2011 from Ohio. We love Dr. Herer. We have 3 kids and love the fact that they are all seen at once. Best Dentistry Group in the Northwest Suburbs!

  24. Jennifer H. says:

    Amazing Team. Amazing Practice.
    My son loves going and talks about Doc all year round. They treat my son like a person & it is the most pleasant dental experience.

  25. Phil L. says:

    You all were fantastic. We have no complaints and our son had a good time & will be excited to go back!

  26. Dawn K. says:

    Logan had an amazing experience at Children’s Dentistry. He was so scared but the staff took great care of him – he didn’t even mind coming back! We also love that our Halloween candy gets sent to our great men/women in the armed forces that protect us!

  27. Kacey R. says:

    We just moved to the area and when my 17 month old son had a trauma to his mouth we had to find a pediatric dentist ASAP. The receptionist was very kind during our initial call and upon arrival. We were squeezed in between appointments to access my son’s mouth which was highly appreciated. Everyone was so kind and gentle with him during his visit. Needless to say this will now be my children’s dentist. Thank you Children’s Dentistry Group!

  28. Kimberly Braid says:

    Mason’s first time to see a dentist was a wonderful experience overall from start to finish and we could not be more thrilled with the care we recieved by Dr. Leila C. Younger and staff!!! They made us feel very welcome and comfortable along with being very thorough!!! We look forward to our return visit in September 2014. 🙂

  29. Joy C. says:

    Dr Leila was amazing! I still can’t believe she was able to get my 4 year old calm enough to work on his mouth. He was so proud of his clean teeth after we left! I will be telling everyone about your company. All the staff that I spoke to were wonderful too!

  30. Briana says:

    The Dentists and Staff there are all amazing! They make my kids feel comfortable while getting their teeth cleaned and their teeth worked on. They are flexible at scheduling appointments for the times we need. I highly recommend them to everyone!!

  31. Jennifer G. says:

    Great job! My son’s first dental visit was a very positive experience. He said his favorite part of the day was going to the dentist.

  32. Mandy M. says:

    My son is disabled and non-verbal which are already challenges to manage. Adding a dentist trying to get into his mouth is equivalent to building the egyptian pyramids-but Dr. Herer and his team manage to pull off the impossible every visit!

  33. Megan Tinsley says:

    Dr. Michael exceeded my expectations. He was very nice and patient, yet thorough and timely. Very very happy! It was my 1st visit with my oldest son to the dentist (3 yrs old) and did not expect it to go so well, thank you!

  34. Lisa M. says:

    Saw Dr. Michael today with my 2 kids, ages 2 and 5. Very professional office staff and Dr. Michael is great with kids! My son was born with a very rare syndrome and Dr Michael took the time to research it prior to our visit. Awesome experience!

  35. Dana W. says:

    Our family loves Children’s Dentistry Group! My 8 yr old son has autism (high-functioning) and Dr. Herer is incredibly kind, patient and professional. He’s very positive and upbeat and allows my son to ask however many questions he needs to until he feels comfortable. My 5 yr old loves going to the dentist too, seeing the fish and high-fiving everyone! Thank you to the doctors and office staff for making every visit a wonderful one and taking the extra time to accommodate to our children’s needs! We always leave smiling, so I’d say that’s a success!

  36. Anonymous says:

    My family’s first visit was AMAZING. Dr. Herer was very child-friendly, especially with my timid four-year-old son. The dental assistants were informative and educational toward my children. My children greatly enjoyed their visit and I can’t believe I am saying this but… We can’t wait to go back!

  37. Lily Wu says:

    So happy we found a truly child friendly dentist. My previously crying/hysterical child had a GREAT visit. Dr. Michael was awesome! I love the fact that you don’t need to have a video playing on the ceiling to try and distract/entertain my child.

  38. Yvonne B says:

    Dr. Michael and his entire staff (including those handling the scheduling of appointments) were absolutely wonderful with my children who in the past week were very apprehensive about dental visits. Everyone was courteous and enthusiastic – it was a painless experience.

  39. Kristy K says:

    Great office and love the doctor! Coming from the dental field it’s very hard to walk into a “new” office. Thank you all for being so kind and gentle with Connor, you have exceeded my expectations!

  40. The Emil Family says:

    My children saw Dr. Herer in a previous office. We are thrilled to be back! He is a caring, gentle and wonderful dentist!

  41. Heather Tomaino says:

    Dr. Michael was amazing with my son who was VERY nervous. He put both of us at ease and my son had a great appointment. It was the best experience either of my children have ever had at the dentist. Thank you, Dr. Michael!!

  42. carey g says:

    Dr. Mike is amazing! He’s so good with my almost 2 year old son! He explains everything and we love his personality! He’s just as amazing w my 8 year old nephew too! He is such a great addition to the awesome group of dentists and staff! You all are great!

  43. Melissa Umali says:

    My oldest son has autism and communication/speech delays. Dr. Herer has been very kind, attentive and caring toward his dental experience. I couldn’t be happier with the manner of him and his staff.

  44. Lori R says:

    The whole experience was positive from the moment we walked in the door. It was unexpected to have the dentist come out and greet us in the waiting room, explain things and ask me questions but was so nice. When we checked out at the desk I was given a folder with all my necessary school forms filled out! It definitely is the little things that count! Thank you!

  45. Stephanie R. says:

    This, by far, was the best dental experience my child has had. We felt welcome from the moment we stepped foot into the office. Very child friendly and exceptional dental care. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you!!!

  46. Christine J. says:

    My kids have not stopped talking about how great their dentist visit was a few weeks ago. I’m so glad we changed dentists… should have done it years ago! Thank you for making what used to be a horrible experience, a very pleasant one.

  47. Jodi says:

    My kids have been seeing Dr. Michael since we moved to the area. All of the staff are extremely friendly, patient and informative. My son had an emergency on a Friday at 5 & Dr. Heuer & some of the staff stayed to treat him. I soooo appreciate them helping him on the verge of a busy weekend!

  48. Cori R. says:

    I have seen Dr.Herer my whole life. I wouldn’t go to any other dental practice. I love the office! The staff is very friendly and fun to be around. I love Dr. Micheal! He is very relatable, and nice. Dr. P is very sweet and fun to be around. The dental assistants are very kind and lots of fun. The front desk is happy and smiling when I come in.

  49. Kelly C says:

    This was my daughter’s first ever dental visit and the entire staff and experience was beyond wonderful! The dentist was wonderful with her and very patient answering my questions. We both left feeling great about the experience so much so that my daughter frequently asks to go back to the dentist!

  50. Helen P says:

    I was very pleased with my son’s visit to Children’s Dentistry. It was his 1st visit and they made him feel very comfortable. Everything from check in threw check out was great.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Great first dentist experience. The staff was great from the minute we walked in. Dr. Herer was fantastic.

  52. Sanjida C says:

    Very impressed and pleased with the service and care given to my 2 yr old on her very first visit to a dentist. The atmosphere & setting put her at ease right away and she complied with all the gentle requests to open her mouth, etc without hesitation.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for excellent service & care during this time.

  54. Jill Grunloh says:

    Thank you so much for an awesome experience. I look forward to our next visit.
    Everyone there was so kind and genuine.

  55. Brooke Feagan says:

    A very pleasurable trip. Great job by all the staff. Everyone did a great + understanding job with our special needs daughter. We love you all! 🙂

  56. John T. says:

    In September 2015 my daughter had an adult tooth growing behind her baby tooth. It’s a condition known as “shark teeth.” We brought her to (a practice) in Arlington Heights, because that’s where we lived. We were told that the tooth needed to be removed. Ok, that’s fine.
    They also suggested that we do the same with the tooth beside it so we wouldn’t have to make another visit. The tooth wasn’t loose, nor was there an adult tooth behind it, showing its crown, so we decided not to do that. After x-rays and front bottom tooth removal, the cost was $500. I felt the price was pretty ridiculous, but I really didn’t know any better, because I had nothing with which to compare it.
    We ended up moving to Lake Zurich and took our daughter to Children’s Dentistry Group. Four months later, the same situation occurred and I needed to get my daughter’s x-rays sent over. This was a bit of a hassle, because they only set one scan instead of all of them. That wasn’t a big deal, but it was something we had to deal with that was a bit annoying. The new dentist told us that the remaining bottom front tooth had to go and so we agreed. After removal of the tooth at CDG, the bill came to $60 for the whole visit (granted no x-rays). Not only that, but when we asked about a top loose tooth, the doctor said we did not need to do any other work yet, because it may fall out on it’s own if she keeps wiggling it.
    It’s nice to see CDG not suggesting any unnecessary procedures. Their interactions with our girls is nothing short of awesome. I’ll be taking my kids here until they’re too big for a pediatric dentist. And I’ll also be recommending them to anyone who will listen.
    John T.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Everyone at the office is very kind. Dr. Herer is the best!

  58. Anonymous says:

    We sent our son for his very first dental cleaning and exam. I am so happy we did! What a wonderful experience from a caring group of professionals. I love the folder we came home with and the photo and card were such a sweet touch. Thank you for making us comfortable and making us feel truly special.

  59. Gwen Parsin says:

    My son was so excited and happy to have his 1st visit with Dr. Herer. He loved to see Nemo and Dory in the fish tank. He liked the chair ride in the Dentist office and he liked holding the extra big kids mirror so he could see the teeth in his mouth. He was very patient and happy while getting his teeth cleaned and flossed.

  60. Kelly B. says:

    Amazing! Best experience at a dentist/doctors office ever! From the time we walked in, until the time we left it was a wonderful visit! Thank you!

  61. Keri Johnson says:

    We love, and trust Dr. Herer with all our kids’ dental needs.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic first visit. Dr. Herer and staff got my daughter in for an appointment quickly (chipped tooth) and Dr. Herer thoroughly explained the procedure. 🙂

  63. Lauren Reyes says:

    Very thorough care. My three year old was in great hands the entire time!

  64. Becky Bartlett says:

    Great! Dr. Sarah and the assistants made sure my son was comfortable and explained everything to me as they went.

  65. Melissa Cikara says:

    Amazing care!

  66. Cassie Tucker says:

    Korbin’s first visit went as well as could be expected. The staff is fantastic, especially Dr. Anu. Thank you for dealing with his fears so gently.

  67. Kirsten Klipp says:

    Definitely would recommend! We had a great 1st visit and all of the staff were very friendly!

  68. Nicole Scott says:

    Great office, friendly staff. You dealt with my anxious son extremely well. Thank you!

  69. Patty Hartman says:

    Toni was our dental assistant and he was fantastic! He could “read” my daughter’s apprehension and was so thorough with her–explaining everything (at her level). I was nervous to come to a new pediatric dentist–the one that we had in Rhode Island was wonderful, but we had a great visit today! Thank You!!

  70. Margaret Wisner says:

    Best children’s dentist office we’ve ever been to!! Loved Dr. Herer so much!

  71. Emma Hulls says:

    We are very pleased with the quality of care we received. Thank you for making my child’s experience wonderful!

  72. Anonymous says:

    As a new patient, I am very pleased with all staff, dentists, & dental assistants at this practice.

  73. Pamela Charlan says:

    GREAT first appointment! Dr. Herer and Chuy were great!

  74. Audra Wubia says:

    I am so happy to have found this pediatric dentistry group. Everyone was so friendly! Dr. Anu was wonderful. She didn’t rush during the exams and really took the time to make sure to explain what she saw in her exams. The assistants were so good with my girls. Very friendly and PATIENT!

  75. The Rohan Family says:

    Probably the best children’s dentist I’ve ever been to! I wish Dr. Herer was my dentist! Thank you very much to the staff for finding a treatment plan that worked out well for all parties involved in order to calm the fears of our daughter, and kind to our pocketbook! Everyone is so friendly there!

  76. Erika Meller says:

    Chuy was fantastic with my kid on his first visit – I could not have been happier with how friendly he was and how he explained everything in kid-friendly terms. This is a fantastic place!

  77. Nikki says:

    My daughter’s first visit was so easy. I thought she was going to be scared, but everyone made her feel relaxed. She loved showing me her clean teeth after.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Betty and Dr. Sarah were great! I loved the time and patience Betty took with my daughter.

  79. The Mahon's says:

    Chuy was my daughter’s favorite. This was my daughter’s 1st dentist appointment and everyone was great. My daughter was so excited after we left, telling me she wasn’t scared at all. Definitely found our dentist! Thank You All!

  80. Danielle says:

    Thanks so much. We accidentally came a day before our scheduled appointment and you were able to get us in that day. I really appreciate that.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Having a child with special needs, it is very important that providers have an understanding and take the extra time and patience with them. We got this and our visit was great! Thank you!

  82. N. Siemsen says:

    Excellent visit. It was my daughter’s 1st dental appointment – so I was apprehensive, but Toni & Dr. Herer were wonderful. Also, very prompt & quick! Thanks

  83. Kim Herbst says:

    My kid had a great experience! Dr. Anu was very professional, ensuring any question or concerns I had were addressed. Dental assistants were excellent, helping teach my children better dental care habits. Receptionists were very friendly and welcoming.

  84. Anonymous says:

    “I was met with unbelievable kindness! They got me right in, even though I was a new patient. They calmed my scared child and explained everything!”

  85. Ali Woitas says:

    “The dental assistant (Stacey) who helped us was so sweet! She helped my son feel so comfortable & not scared. Such a wonderful staff!”

  86. Michael Lorence says:

    Thank you for seeing Ashton and Cayden. They loved coming to your office and are now wanting to brush their teeth more to “not get cavities.” Thank you for all of your help.

  87. Allie H. says:

    The staff was excellent with Waylon. (2.5 yo) His 1st dentist appt went so well! Dr. Sarah was great. We will be back in 6 months!

  88. Chris Gordon says:

    Office staff was amazing – our first visit and everyone greeted my grandson by name. Every effort was made to make us feel comfortable. Dr. Krishnamurthy was very gentle and shared a lot of good information and materials.

  89. Rachel Sipes says:

    Thank you for making my son’s first dental exam a good experience! I appreciated the timely start of our appointment, pleasant office staff, and informative dentist. Everyone took their time to make my son comfortable and answer all my questions.

  90. The Wiatr Family says:

    The kids love coming to the dentist! Everyone is exceptionally warm, wonderful and professional. I would recommend Children’s Dentistry Group to anyone with children!

  91. Erin Abraham says:

    Entire staff were great. Our 3 year old had his first visit and Brittany and Dr. Herer were great with him and made this nervous mom feel very comfortable. We look forward to seeing CDG every 6 months!

  92. Tanya and Dalila McDonough says:

    Could not have asked for a better first impression – everyone was so nice and professional. Thanks so much!

  93. Liz G. says:

    Even though my husband took the kids, I felt well-informed, as the {new patient} folder provided me with so much information. Thank you.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Great 1st experience! Our son wasn’t scared at all!! 🙂 Great staff!

  95. Alma Navarro says:

    The staff and doctor were all wonderful! They know how to work with small children and put them at ease.

  96. Jen says:

    This was my 1 yr old’s 1st visit to a dentist. All the staff was amazing. I would recommend you to any of my family and friends. I will be bringing my son back in 6 months! Thank you!

  97. Robyn C. says:

    We had a very positive experience! I feel very informed and all of my questions were addressed. We are so grateful to have found your office! Thank you!

  98. Patti says:

    We love Dr. Herer and his awesome staff!

  99. Anonymous says:

    Toni and Betty were wonderful! It was my daughter’s first dentist visit, and they did a great job helping both of us relax and feel comfortable! Thank you!

  100. Vanderwerff says:

    The appointment was great! I really appreciate it! It was my son’s first visit to dentist and everyone was so patient and sweet with him.

  101. Ontiveros Family says:

    Previously, we had a dentist who stressed us & my son with his method of care. We decided to change doctors and were blessed to meet Dr. Paul Herer. He made us feel so easy, peaceful & happy. He has an amazing way to speack to us & son. He was so patient & wonderful. He has a special touch . My son was so calm & compliant with him that we were amazed. I can only say thank you! <3

  102. Jenny Opels says:

    The demeanor of the staff was exceptionally patient and explanatory. Myself, and my son, were fully aware and engaged during his visit.

  103. Carrie Brown says:

    Phenomenal first impression! Called @ 7:15 am for issue with my 3 yo. Got an appt for 8:30! Happy to find such a great place!

  104. Jana Goodall says:

    Dr. Anu Krishnamurthy called me personally and spent more than 30 minutes on the phone consulting with me and re-explaining to me everything that occurred at the initial visit because I could not be there. I am very appreciative of her patience and time following a long day of her own. My husband wanted to make sure to also extend our appreciation to Chuy. He was fantastic with our 2 yr old. She could not have been paired with a more perfect dental assistant. We will be sure to request him in the future!

  105. Liz Modzelewski says:

    I could not be more pleased with my son’s 1st visit to the dentist today! I felt comfortable with all aspects of scheduling, reception, the assistant, & especially the dentist! They made me feel welcome & comfortable & did an excellent job getting him to relax & follow instructions! I am so pleased & will recommend this practice to all of my friends! Thank you!

  106. Diana Zych says:

    Chuy was so friendly and helpful to my two year old. Made the visit pleasant! Dr. Sarah was professional and sweet. Great overall experience!

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